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Fur and the eastern part of Salling, Øst-Salling, offer some of the most diverse and picturesque coastal fishing grounds in Denmark though they are not used by many.

For a number of years counties and local authorities round the inlet Limfjorden have worked towards re-establishing a healthy and varied life in the inlet. Apart from improved bathing water, the angling possibilities have also been improved. The bottom conditions in terms of eelgrass and thickets of seaweed are getting better – and the lobsters have returned at many places of the inlet.

One afternoon at Fursund, October 26, 2003 - result: 5 sea trouts - the biggest 2,3 kg. - total 5,6 kg. ---------------->

The stock of sea trout is numerous.
Every year the anglers’ organisations co-operate about putting out sea trout fry to supplement the natural stock in the streams.

Angling for sea trout along the coasts can take place all the year round – in summer, however, with more success at night – or in overcast weather.

Even though most anglers are interested in sea trout, these coastal areas are also excellent garfish grounds. Normally angling for garfish will start in the middle of April and end at the end of May with most success on sunny days.

At Fursund Tourist Information Office, you can buy guidelines telling you about minimum sizes, closed seasons for different species of fish, preservation zones, etc. They state, for instance, that the minimum size for salmon is 60 cm and for sea trout 40 cm. Preservation zones are seen at the fresh water mouths of the inlet. You are not allowed to fish 500 m from these streams. If the stream is smaller than 2 m in width, the protection zone applies from 16th September up to and including 15th January – otherwise if the stream is bigger all the year round. It is the angler’s own responsibility to be informed of current regulations.

Fishing along the coasts in Denmark requires acquisition of an official fishing license. You can buy one at the post offices in the local area and at Fursund Tourist Information Office.
Price per day: DKK  40
Price per week: DKK  130
Price per year: DKK 185

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