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Fossil hunting

Imagine that you suddenly have a little fossilized fish in your hand which saw the light of day 55 million years ago – many get carried away by fossil hunting, find the “good spots” and return to go hunting time after time.

The moler in the underground of the island Fur constitutes quite a unique and internationally recognised opportunity for fossil hunting. The moler also called diatomite is the world’s largest deposit due to its thickness of approx. 60 m. The moler is like a rare geological book which tells the story about the life at and in the moler ocean many millions of years ago.

More than 50 million years ago when the moler was formed, Denmark was covered by ocean. Due to a lack of oxygen on the bottom of the ocean many fish died and were encapsulated and thus preserved in the moler. Also parts of plants and insects are frequent discoveries in the moler.

You do not have to have permission or expensive equipment for this type of “hunting” – just a little patience.

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