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Limfjord stories 

The area around Limfjorden offers a treasury of good stories. Every week from the end of June to the beginning of September (week 26-35) there will be over 50 different arrangement with a knowledgeable storyteller as guide. Join in and get to know more about old times, the nature, the churches, the monasteries, the poets and many other subjects. 

Language will be Danish.

First arrangement takes place on Monday 26 June - the last on Friday 1 September, 2006.

In the area around Skive there will be 7 arrangements every week:

Staarup Hovedgaard - Monday 11:00

Nature og geology on Fur - Monday 14:00
- meeting point: Fur Bryghus, Knudevej 3, Fur

Jeppe Aakjær and Jenle - Tuesday 14:00

Skive Kirke - Wednesday 11:00

Schnapps herbs, stones and shells on Fur - Wednesday 14:00
- meetingpoint: Fur Bryghus, Knudevej 3, Fur

Lihme Kirke - Thursday 11:00

Ørslev Kloster - Friday 14:00

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Tickets can be bought at the beginning of each arrangement. Price 30,- dkr. per person
(children under 12 years are free).
5-ticket card for 120,- dkr. can be bought at the local touristoffice.